.125" Solid Aluminum Frame, Using Stock J352 Embossed Jamb Plates

 Truxes Custom Destination Dispatch Jamb Braille

CLJ Series Destination Dispatch with Raised White Border and Characters Including Embossed Braille.

Solid Brass Frame with Bevelled Edge. Using our Standard J352 Brass Jamb Plates and Elevator ID Inlay.

Our Standard Embossed Truxes Goth Font Including 3 Digits and No Braille On Floor Designation.

Aluminum Powder Painted Background with Engraved and White Filled Car and Floor Designations and Stainless Steel Pocketed Optima Characters.

Black Powder Painted Stainless Background with Embossed Braille and Custom Futura White Pocket etched Characters

Aluminum Oval CLJ Style Destination Dispatch Jamb Braille. Raised White Border and Characters.

Custom Dual Font Plate With Numbers in Nuetra Font and Letters in Raleway. .060 Aluminum With Embossed Braille.

.040" #4 Brushed Stainless Steel Background with Custom Times New Roman Black Aluminum Pocketed Characters with Embossed Braille